Careful Tree Removal

Tree removal isn't always the last resort, though Bill Henry Tree Service Inc can handle just about any issue that comes up.

Whether you've lost a tree to storm damage, have a tree that is posing a safety risk, need to improve your landscape management, or want to make way for new construction on your home or property, you can count on us for safe and dependable removal service.
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Expect Thorough Preparation and Efficient Removal

Although we think of ourselves as a tree preservation company, Bill Henry Tree Service is also your best area resource for the removal of any large and hazardous trees.

Once a tree is determined to be dangerous and there are no other options, our team will begin the detailed removal process. We'll start by fully discussing and explaining the job to you so you and your neighbors will know exactly what to expect. When everything is set, we will perform a clean and efficient surgical removal.
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Expert Hazardous Tree Evaluations Available

If you're removing a tree simply for safety issues, let us provide a professional evaluation before the job begins. 

Although not all tree workers are experts in hazardous tree evaluation, Bill Henry Tree Service has over 20 years of experience in arboriculture and can give you a professional opinion. We'll listen to your concerns and needs as we look at your property and evaluate how a removal should progress.
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Competitively Priced Tree and Landscape Services

Whether you're looking for tree care or landscape improvements, make Bill Henry Tree Service your first choice. We offer competitive prices and will match prices from our competitors.

Call 845-278-9355 for a FREE estimate from a certified arborist and experienced landscape and excavation specialist.
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