Artful Tree & Shrub Pruning

There's more to effective tree and shrub pruning than just lopping limbs away. At Bill Henry Tree Service Inc, pruning is an art that contributes to the lasting health of the plant.

When properly done, pruned trees withstand storms, resist pests and diseases, and look more natural. Better yet, pruning helps your tree live longer.

Pruning Done With a Clear Purpose

Trees should be pruned with a variety of goals in mind:
  • Structural integrity
  • Corrective measures
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown shaping
  • Fruit promotion
Shrubs also need pruning to maintain their natural shape and strength.
trimming tree top

Structural and Corrective Pruning for Trees

At Bill Henry Tree Service, we're all about promoting proper pruning techniques.
  • When you have young trees, we can train them to grow properly and to avoid structural defects. 
  • It seems counter-intuitive, but when trees are left to grow wild they'll end up with weak limbs and can easily be damaged by winds and storms. 
  • Weak trees are also very vulnerable when it comes to infestations from pests and diseases.
Let us periodically inspect and prune your trees. We'll keep them in good form and good health, season after season!
securing tree top to be cut

Correctly Targeted Crown Thinning and Shaping

Treetops should never be pruned willy-nilly. Thinning and shaping is a good measure for some species, but not all! Let us give you the guidance and service you need.

Crown thinning helps some trees avoid excessive competition between limbs that can lead to structural weaknesses and dying branches. By carefully removing some of the crown, we can promote limbs that have proper tapering and form.

Thinning also allows sunlight through the tree's canopy, which creates interior growth and also allows sunlight to reach plants and lawn grasses below the tree.
crown shaping smaller trees

Crown Shaping for Your Smaller Trees

The crowns of your big oaks, maples, and other hardwood trees should be allowed to grow, but smaller flowering ornamentals and fruit trees can benefit from crown shaping.

Shaping not only keeps your smaller trees attractive and proportional, but will reduce the chance of your tree losing its natural shape and suffering structural damage from wind, ice, and snow.
apple trees

Keep Fruit on Your Trees Growing and Accessible

If you're planning to harvest fruit from your trees, you'll need to have them pruned in a manner that promotes both fruit production and accessibility. An apple too high to ever reach is an apple lost!

Because fruit trees come in so many shapes and sizes, there are a lot of possibilities to consider. Let Bill Henry Tree Service give you a complete list of pruning options so you can decide which method works best for your purposes.

Appropriate Shrub Trimming Throughout Your Yard

Like trees, some shrubs can take more pruning than others. Sometimes power trimming is all you need as long as that sheared appearance is what you're after.

But most broadleaf evergreens and conifers should be hand pruned to promote their natural growth and shape. Hand pruning may also be necessary to alleviate any physical damage that was caused by someone else's improper pruning techniques.

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