Effective Stump Removal

When an unsightly or vermin-infested stump is marring your yard, get Bill Henry Tree Service Inc on the job.

We have the equipment and the expertise required to remove or grind stumps left behind by trees of any size.

We'll Help You Decide Whether to Grind or Remove

Tree stumps are disposed of in one of two ways: removal or grinding. Removal involves the full extraction of the stump and major roots through the use of an excavator, while grinding uses a machine that chews the stump into mulch.

We'll help you decide which method will work best for you. Issues include: especially large trees with massive root systems, proximity to other structures, and other considerations.
tree stump

Grinding Lets You Avoid Digging Up Your Yard

When a large or old tree is removed, the remaining root system may be too hard to take out. In that case, grinding may be the answer.

After we cut off all the parts of the tree that can be removed by conventional means, our crew will use a machine to grind and shred the remaining stump into useful chips. We'll cover the stump with soil so you can replant or seed the lawn, while the wood chips can be used as mulch or decoration in your garden.

It's a win-win situation!
grinding down tree stump

Fallen Tree Care Done Safely and Professionally

When a tree is uprooted by age or weather, a lot of the root system can rip out of the ground and will need to be disposed of along with the rest of the tree.

It may seem like nature has done half the work for you, but you have to be careful. Cutting the heavy tree trunk without securing the roots may cause the roots to suddenly tip back into the ground hole, which will make removal a lot more complicated and poses a danger to people, equipment, and property.

Leave it to the professionals! Call Bill Henry Tree Service at 845-278-9355 for safe and reliable stump removal and grinding.
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